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Simplifying Laboratory Management for Better Healthcare

MediSmart laboratory management system designed to revolutionize the way laboratories operate and deliver diagnostics. This comprehensive software solution streamlines the entire laboratory workflow, from sample collection to result reporting, enhancing efficiency and accuracy in every step. With its intuitive interface and automation capabilities, MediSmart simplifies sample tracking, test processing, and quality control, ensuring smooth operations and minimizing errors, enabling real-time data exchange and reducing manual data entry. MediSmart empowers lab administrators to manage inventory, track reagents, and optimize resource allocation effectively. Furthermore, the software's robust reporting and analytics tools provide valuable insights into laboratory performance and productivity. By leveraging the power of MediSmart, laboratories can deliver faster and more reliable results, elevate patient care, and drive excellence in the field of diagnostics.


Managing Tests

This provides a comprehensive and efficient solution for healthcare facilities to handle a wide range of medical tests with ease. From scheduling and recording patient test data to generating automated reports, this feature streamlines the entire test management process. Healthcare professionals can quickly access and track test status, ensuring timely reporting and accurate diagnoses.

Managing Cultures & Antibiotics

It is a vital component of our platform, empowering healthcare professionals to efficiently handle and oversee cultures and antibiotic sensitivity testing. From seamless sample collection and labeling to conducting cultures for identifying pathogens, which ensures accurate and reliable results. It streamlines the process of antibiotic sensitivity testing, aiding in determining the most effective treatment for infections.

Managing Tests

This feature provides a centralized and efficient solution for healthcare facilities to handle pricing information related to medical tests and cultures. With this feature, users can easily manage, update, and access a comprehensive price list for various tests and cultures offered at the facility. It streamlines the billing and invoicing process, ensuring accuracy and transparency in cost information for patients.

Doctor’s Management

It is a fundamental aspect of our platform, designed to streamline and optimize the management of healthcare professionals within a healthcare facility. This feature enables easy registration, organization, and access to doctors’ information, including their credentials, specializations, and availability. It facilitates efficient appointment scheduling, ensuring smooth patient-doctor interactions and reducing waiting time.

Patient Management

Patient Management feature is a core component of our platform, designed to optimize and simplify the management of patient information within a healthcare facility. With this feature, healthcare providers can efficiently register new patients, maintain detailed electronic health records (EHRs), and track patient demographics, medical history, and appointments. It enables seamless coordination between healthcare professionals, ensuring accurate diagnosis and treatment

Generating patient receipt

This crucial aspect of our platform, providing a seamless and automated solution for generating receipts for patients’ medical services. This feature simplifies the billing process, allowing healthcare facilities to swiftly create itemized and accurate receipts for patients after each visit or service. The generated receipts include all relevant details, such as the services provided, associated costs, payment methods, and dates of service.

Full management of patient test report

It is a comprehensive solution offered by our platform, empowering healthcare facilities to efficiently handle and organize patient test reports. This feature streamlines the entire process, from recording and storing test results to generating detailed and easy-to-understand reports for medical professionals and patients. With a user-friendly interface, healthcare providers can access and manage all test reports securely, ensuring seamless data retrieval for accurate diagnosis and treatment.

Printing patient receipt & test report

This facilitating the efficient generation and printing of receipts and test reports for patients. With this feature, healthcare providers can easily create itemized and accurate receipts for patients’ medical services, as well as comprehensive test reports detailing the results of various medical tests.

Print barcodes

It is designed to streamline and simplify the process of generating and printing barcodes for various medical purposes. This feature allows healthcare facilities to create unique and scannable barcodes for patients, test samples, medications, and other medical inventory items.

Managing patient home visit request

It simplifies the process of handling patient home visit requests. Healthcare facilities can efficiently manage and schedule home visits, ensuring timely and personalized medical care for patients. This feature streamlines communication and coordination between healthcare professionals and patients, enhancing the overall patient experience.

Displaying home visit schedule per day

This displays a concise and organized schedule of home visits per day for healthcare professionals. This allows them to efficiently manage and plan their daily home visit appointments, ensuring optimal time management and personalized patient care.

Notification system (Message & Home visit)

It provides a streamlined way for healthcare facilities to communicate with patients, using messages for appointment reminders and notifications for home visits. This feature ensures timely and effective communication, enhancing patient engagement and improving overall healthcare service delivery.

Creating contracts with discounts

This enables healthcare facilities to easily create contracts with special discounts for patients and clients. This feature streamlines the process of offering discounted services, allowing for flexible and customized contract options. By efficiently managing discounts, healthcare providers can attract more patients and foster long-term relationships, promoting patient loyalty and satisfaction.

Multi-user with different roles

The Multi-User Role feature allows healthcare facilities to have multiple users with distinct roles and permissions within the system. This feature ensures secure access control, enabling each user to perform specific tasks based on their designated role.

Multi-branch laboratory

This enables healthcare facilities to operate and manage multiple branches of their laboratory seamlessly. This centralized system allows for efficient sharing of resources, standardization of processes, and easy access to patient data across all branches, optimizing the overall laboratory operations and enhancing patient care. 

Internal chat between lab employees

It fosters seamless communication and collaboration among lab employees within the organization. This real-time messaging system enables quick information exchange, facilitating efficient decision-making, and enhancing teamwork for improved laboratory operations and overall productivity.

Monitoring online users

This allows healthcare facilities to track and monitor users who are currently logged in to the system in real-time. This provides administrators with valuable insights into system usage and activity, ensuring secure access and facilitating efficient management of resources and user interactions within the platform. 

Accounting Module

The “Accounting Module” covers expenses, income, and profits, enabling streamlined financial management for healthcare facilities. 

Laboratory Configuration Settings

This feature allows healthcare facilities to customize and adjust various aspects of the laboratory setup. From defining test parameters to setting up equipment preferences, this feature ensures that the laboratory operates efficiently and aligns with specific requirements. 

Ability to back up database

This provides a reliable and secure solution for healthcare facilities to safeguard their valuable data. This feature allows administrators to create regular backups of the database, ensuring data integrity and protection against potential data loss or system failures. With the ability to schedule automatic backups or perform manual backups, 

Supports Multi-language

The Multi-Language Support feature enables our platform to cater to diverse audiences by providing content and interfaces in multiple languages. This inclusive functionality ensures that healthcare facilities can offer services and communicate with patients in their preferred languages, enhancing accessibility and user experience. 

Supports RTL

The RTL (Right-to-Left) Support feature is designed to accommodate languages that are written from right to left, such as Arabic, Hebrew, and Urdu. With this feature, our platform ensures that content, interfaces, and layouts are optimized for RTL languages, providing a seamless and user-friendly experience for users who prefer such languages. By supporting RTL, we aim to enhance accessibility and inclusivity, enabling healthcare facilities to reach a wider audience and effectively communicate with diverse communities.

Patient Panel & Mobile Application Key Features:

Patient profile management

   The “Patient Profile Management” feature is a central component of our platform, empowering healthcare facilities to efficiently handle and organize patient information. This feature allows healthcare providers to create and maintain detailed electronic health records (EHRs) for each patient, containing vital demographic data, medical history, test results, appointments, and more. With a user-friendly interface, healthcare professionals can easily update and access patient profiles, ensuring accurate and personalized care. Quilon Scans’ “Patient Profile Management” feature streamlines patient data management, enhancing the overall patient experience and optimizing healthcare service delivery. 

Ability to view patient test reports & receipts

    The “View Patient Test Reports & Receipts” feature allows healthcare providers to access and review comprehensive test reports and receipts for each patient. With this capability, medical professionals can quickly retrieve and analyze test results, aiding in accurate diagnosis and treatment planning. Additionally, the feature provides easy access to patient receipts, simplifying billing and financial record-keeping. By offering seamless access to these essential documents, Quilon Scans’ “View Patient Test Reports & Receipts” feature enhances the overall efficiency and effectiveness of healthcare delivery, promoting better patient care and satisfaction. 

Sending patient home visit request

    The “Send Patient Home Visit Request” feature enables patients to conveniently request home visits from healthcare professionals. Through the platform, patients can submit their home visit requests, providing necessary details such as preferred date and time, address, and reason for the visit. This streamlined process ensures quick and efficient communication between patients and healthcare providers, facilitating personalized and timely medical care in the comfort of the patient’s home. Quilon Scans’ “Send Patient Home Visit Request” feature enhances patient convenience and accessibility to healthcare services, promoting better patient outcomes and satisfaction.

Viewing laboratory branches

    The “View Laboratory Branches” feature allows healthcare administrators and staff to access a centralized platform where all laboratory branches are listed and organized. With this feature, users can easily view and manage information related to different laboratory locations, including contact details, operating hours, available services, and staff members. The ability to view laboratory branches in one place streamlines communication and coordination between different locations, ensuring efficient resource allocation and providing a comprehensive overview of the entire laboratory network. Quilon Scans’ “View Laboratory Branches” feature optimizes workflow management and facilitates seamless operations across multiple branches, enhancing the overall efficiency and effectiveness of the laboratory services.

Notifying patient with Patient code & Results (Email, SMS)

    The “Patient Notification with Code & Results” feature enables healthcare facilities to notify patients about their test results and patient codes through convenient channels like email and SMS. Once test results are available, the system automatically sends notifications to patients, providing them with their unique patient codes and access to view their test results securely. This feature ensures prompt communication with patients, allowing them to stay informed about their health status conveniently. By offering notifications via email and SMS, Quilon Scans’ “Patient Notification with Code & Results” feature enhances patient engagement and empowers them to take proactive steps towards their well-being.

Results through WhatsApp& mail

    The “Results through WhatsApp & Mail” feature revolutionizes result delivery for patients. With this innovative capability, test results are securely shared with patients through both WhatsApp and email, ensuring quick and convenient access to their health information. Patients receive their results directly on their preferred communication channels, allowing them to stay informed about their medical status promptly. This feature enhances patient engagement and satisfaction while streamlining result delivery processes for healthcare facilities. Quilon Scans’ “Results through WhatsApp & Mail” feature embraces modern communication methods to provide patients with a seamless and personalized healthcare experience.

Doctors Commission management

The “Doctors Commission Management” feature simplifies the process of calculating and managing commissions for healthcare professionals. This feature enables healthcare facilities to track and accurately calculate the commissions earned by doctors based on their services and patient interactions. By automating commission calculations and management, the feature ensures transparency and fairness in financial arrangements with medical practitioners. Quilon Scans’ “Doctors Commission Management” feature streamlines financial processes, fostering a harmonious relationship between healthcare providers and doctors while promoting efficient revenue management within the organization.