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Logiprompt Techno Solutions India Pvt Ltd is an emerging web and software development company with qualified staff, providing cutting-edge solutions on various platforms, including smartphones, tablets, and computers. We aim…

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Uniting Education and Efficiency

Your all-in-one solution for institutional management, delivering maximum ROI with dedicated technical support.


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Edusoft is a comprehensive and advanced software solution designed specifically for educational institution management. This powerful platform streamlines and automates various administrative tasks, empowering educational institutions to efficiently manage their daily operations. With Edusoft, administrators can effortlessly handle student admissions, enrollment, and attendance tracking. The software also facilitates the management of academic programs, course scheduling, and grading systems. Additionally, Edusoft offers robust features for managing faculty and staff information, payroll, and performance evaluations. The software’s financial management capabilities enable easy tracking of fees, expenses, and budgeting, ensuring financial transparency and efficiency. Moreover, Edusoft provides real-time analytics and reporting, allowing institutions to gain valuable insights into their performance and make data-driven decisions. With Edusoft’s all-in-one solution, educational institutions can create a seamless and productive learning environment, enabling them to focus on fostering academic excellence and student success.

Edusoft Educational Software is a cutting-edge and comprehensive solution designed to revolutionize the learning experience for students and educators alike. With a user-friendly interface and advanced features, Edusoft offers interactive learning modules, multimedia content, and personalized assessments to engage students effectively. This versatile software caters to various educational platforms, including computers, tablets, mobile phones, and social networking apps, delivering the latest trends in applications and remarkable design. Edusoft also supports a global academic program, providing value-added educational services in various subjects, empowering students with knowledge and skills to excel in their academic journey. With Edusoft, educational institutions can elevate their teaching, learning, and research goals, creating a dynamic and enriching environment for successful education outcomes.

Edusoft: Enhancing learning for all. Interactive modules, multimedia content, personalized assessments—empowering educators and students. Easy-to-use, customizable, fostering academic excellence. Powerful, Modern, and User-friendly: